Dr. Mary Thornley

President, Trident Technical College

Dr. Mary Ann Kohli

Instructor of English / Director of the Charleston Clemente Program, Trident Technical College

Jill A. Tarzian Sorensen

Director, SCRA SC Launch Programs / Executive Director, SC Launch, Inc.

Clarizza Paz

U.S. Army Retired Officer / Women Leadership Symposium (OWLS), OWLS Coordinator

Yolonda M. Williams

U.S. Army Retired National Commander / Women Veterans of America

Mary Butler

Chapter Chair / SCORE – Charleston, SC

Client Reviews

This event helped me to layout the map of what I needed to do to reach the next level of "Me" and now I am following that map. I recommend Dr.Bishop as a coach. She has a way of reaching people that is not commonly seen in today's society."
Yasmin S.
College Student, Georgia
"I've been in a dark, self-defeating place for a long time and didn't know how to get out of it as i was transitioning from the military. I felt an immediate change. This has been a life exhilarating experience and I look forward to learning more about joy in my journey as I navigate through "Boots to Breakthrough" and help by wounded self become a loving adult with a fulfilling life."
Debbie Rodriguez
Army Veteran / Academic Counseling, Bronx, NY
"I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop through our church's Women's Ministry! It opened up a new world for me. This workshop was amazing!"
Jenni Shaffer
Residential Counselor for Teens
Murfreesboro, TN
"I have learned more in one workshop about how to live a loving, joyous and holistic life than I learned in my 45 years prior. The perspectives and processes are practical, makes so much sense and will be so valuable in my life."
Sharon Flountz
Technology Executive, Phoenix, AZ
National Alternative Education Conference
"Ja'net coached me through a very challenging situation and helped me develop an action plan which I implemented the next day. I was able to resolve my issue quickly and successfully."
Deitra Jackson
President & Founder
Jackson Coaching Services, LLC
"I recommend the coaching because of the sincere care, flexibility, and professionalism exhibited during my coaching sessions. Dr.Bishop was always prepared to engage in topics that would make me really look deep inside myself and push me to think further beyond what I thought was a concern. She helped me to stay true to my goals by making sure that i stayed on track of whatever task I was assigned."
Middle School Administrative Aide, Georgia