The way to live an abundant life is to first reflect on the inner peace, joy, and vision before looking outward.

Speaker: Dr. Ja'net Bishop

Learn more about Dr. Ja'net Bishop and her mission to help you live your best life!

Boots to Breakthrough

You have the potential to improve your well-being and develop confidence and abundance in your life. It’s time to rid yourself of self-defeating, nagging inner thoughts and make a breakthrough in your life! Reach out to me to get started!


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You’ll learn:

  • What Is the Connection Between Wellness and Self-Care?

  • What is Self-Care and Why is it important?

  • What Self Care Isn’t.

  • How to Schedule Self-Care.

  • How Self-Care Reduces Stress and Build Resilience.

  • Self-Care Practice Breakthroughs.

  • Assessing Your Self-Care With the 8 Wellness Self-Care Tips.

  • Tips For Your Simple Daily Wellness/Self-Care Checklist.

  • Example to Create Your Simple Daily Wellness/Self-Care Checklist.

Dr. Ja’net Bishop, Ed. D, CPEC

Trainer | Speaker | Author

Dr. Ja’net Bishop’s life has been one of many transitions, which clients and audiences have been able to relate to. Raised in New York’s inner city – the oldest of three children from parents who migrated from the South – she was motivated to get an education and serve in the military, to pursue more and inspire others. Read more on her About Page .

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“I’ve had the pleasure of touching many hearts through my purposeful journey to inspire, guide, and help people at a turning point in their lives to consider their own BREAKTHROUGH to wellness and self-care, build their resilience, and reach their goals. Thank you for your support as I continue on this path of my own transition to transformation!” – Dr. Ja’net Bishop

Jenni Shaffer

Residential Counselor for Teens Murfreesboro, TN

"I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop through our church's Women's Ministry! It opened up a new world for me. This workshop was amazing!"

Sharon Flountz

Technology Executive, Phoenix, AZ National Alternative Education Conference

"I have learned more in one workshop about how to live a loving, joyous and holistic life than I learned in my 45 years prior. The perspectives and processes are practical, makes so much sense and will be so valuable in my life."

Deitra Jackson

President & Founder Jackson Coaching Services, LLC

"Ja'net coached me through a very challenging situation and helped me develop an action plan which I implemented the next day. I was able to resolve my issue quickly and successfully."

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View other testimonials and letters by clicking the icon above!


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If you are within a transition, I encourage you to reach out to me via phone, email, or a contact form on my website! I look forward to us getting to know each other, have a blessed day! -Dr.Ja'net Bishop

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